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Voyage Global Energy Limite...

Welcome to Voyage Global Energy, a dedicated solutions Provider specialising in the Energy...

Member since: 11 August 2014

Goodwood Ship Management

Goodwood Ship Management is an independent ship management company that offers a comprehen...

Member since: 14 August 2014

Western Shipping

Western Shipping is an owner management Tanker company providing marine transportation of ...

Member since: 15 August 2014

Graig Shipping

The Graig Group is a broad-based international shipowning and shipping services group deli...

Member since: 02 October 2014

Arklow Shipping

The 1960’s saw a new dawn in the Irish Shipping Industry. One by one the few remaining a...

Member since: 09 October 2014

Calvin ship management

We are cargo charter, ship spares supply and crew manning. We are make in also all mar...

Member since: 13 October 2014

Sirius Ship Management

Crew Management & Consulting

Member since: 16 October 2014

Carsten Rehder

Born in 1866, Carsten Rehder was the fourth child of a farmer on the west coast of Schlesw...

Member since: 17 October 2014


Maersk Tankers is involved in transport of refined oil products around the world. We are m...

Member since: 18 August 2014


Thenamaris (Ships Management) Inc. is a global ship manager of high specification modern o...

Member since: 28 August 2014


Enesel S.A. is a ship-management company based in Athens, Greece, operating a diverse flee...

Member since: 28 August 2014


Euronav is a vertically integrated owner operator and manager able to provide complete shi...

Member since: 21 September 2014




Member since: 19 October 2014



Member since: 20 October 2014

Ernst Jacob

It is the policy of Ernst Jacob (GmbH & Co KG) – as ship owners and ship managers – to...

Member since: 30 October 2014

De Poli Tankers

De Poli is a modern Dutch ship-owning company based near to the port of Rotterdam, The Net...

Member since: 30 October 2014

Anthony Veder

Anthony Veder offers a modern high quality fleet of gas tankers for the transportation o...

Member since: 07 November 2014


Welcome to MSC CRUISES U.K, and to our range of cruise ship jobs and careers. With our rep...

Member since: 21 September 2014