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Stealth Maritime Corporatio...

The company began with cautious and well examined moves and became one of the fastest grow...

Member since: 05 July 2014


PL Shipping, member of the leading PL Group, headquartered in Athens, is a new generation ...

Member since: 07 July 2014

Blue Bird Shipping Manageme...

Blue Bird Shipping Management Pvt Ltd is a Crew Manning Company having approved by DG Ship...

Member since: 08 July 2014


ESL Shipping Ltd is the leading carrier of dry bulk cargoes in the Baltic region. Our main...

Member since: 08 July 2014


PPMS is a technical assistance company dedicated to the provision of highly qualified supp...

Member since: 09 July 2014

CSM Baltija

CSM Baltija is looking for candidates for its own fleet of modern vessels

Member since: 15 July 2014

Scinicariello Ship Manageme...

Scinicariello Ship Management S.r.l. is a well known established company in the shipping s...

Member since: 21 July 2014



Member since: 26 July 2014

Allseas Marine

ALLSEAS MARINE S.A. has met licensing requirements and been granted MRM training provider ...

Member since: 31 July 2014

Wijnne Barends

Wijnne Barends Crewing is responsible for the placement of well qualified crew members on ...

Member since: 31 July 2014

West line Ship Management P...

West line based in india working in this industry since 2006 .Company having the experienc...

Member since: 05 August 2014

Baltic Shipping Services

With a ten-year history working in the shipping industry, Baltic Shipping Services departm...

Member since: 07 August 2014

Unicom Management Services

Unicom Management Services (Cyprus) Ltd., established on the 24th January 1991, is a membe...

Member since: 10 July 2014

Interorient Marine Services

Interorient is a fast growing global provider of marine transportation services. Headquart...

Member since: 14 July 2014

CUNARD Cunard Cruises Lines

Re: Contract and Employment offer in CUNARD CUNARD CRUISES LINES Due to the ongoing inf...

Member since: 17 July 2014

Shih Wei Navigation

Since establishment in 1985, Shih Wei Navigation Co., Ltd. has had experienced various mar...

Member since: 24 July 2014

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises Carnival House 100 Harbour Parade Southampton SO15 1ST United Kingdom. ...

Member since: 11 August 2014



Member since: 12 August 2014