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Viewport Consultancy Privat...

Founded in 2002, Viewport Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is the pioneer of organized manpower recru...

Member since: 26 September 2014


TMS Cardiff Gas Ltd. is a corporation with offices in Greece that was formed in 2011 and m...

Member since: 01 October 2014

Golden Energy Offshore

Golden Energy Offshore is a fully integrated shipowner and operator of modern and high spe...

Member since: 03 October 2014

Capital Ship Management

Capital Ship Management Corp. ('Capital') currently operates a fleet of 60 vessels includi...

Member since: 07 October 2014



Member since: 10 November 2014


Lowland International SIA office was opened in Riga in year 2009. At the present moment w...

Member since: 11 November 2014


Recruitment Marine, Offshore, Technical, Horeca.

Member since: 11 November 2014



Member since: 17 November 2014

Dalian E-Ocean Ship Managem...

D-Ocean group of companies are one of the leading company in China in ship management, cre...

Member since: 18 November 2014

Bams Marine Services P.Ltd

Crew Manning

Member since: 22 November 2014

Chadlington Consulting

A marine consultancy firm

Member since: 29 November 2014

Clyde Marine Group

Shipping Based Company Recruitment Group

Member since: 03 December 2014

Far Far Away Ltd


We are the managing company of M/Y Far Far Away a mega yacht build by Inace 37 m explorer.

Member since: 06 December 2014

Burak Shipping Company

Owner / Manager

Member since: 15 December 2014

Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shippi...

Giuseppe Bottiglieri Shipping Company Spa's MISSION is to provide its customers with a fle...

Member since: 17 December 2014

TMS Tankers

TMS Tankers Ltd. is a member of the Cardiff Group of companies with offices in Athens, Gre...

Member since: 15 October 2014

Randstad Middle East Ltd

About Randstad MENA Who we are Randstad Middle East is part of Randstad, the leading ...

Member since: 20 October 2014

Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Welcome to Sunborn Yacht Hotel, and to our range of Yacht ship jobs and careers. With our ...

Member since: 23 October 2014