CREWING24.COM is innovative and fast gowing recruiting & training website with extra opportunities for Job Seekers, Recruiters and Training Providers in marine, aviation and energy sector.


Job Advertising

How can advert at CREWING24.COM help you?

Lower crewing costs.

More efficient crewing process.

Large pool of candidates.

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Training Advertising

Advert for Training Institutins on the Training page.

How can advertisment help Training Institutions?

  • Make training visible on the worldwide market
  • Increase the profit through training sales

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 Banner Advertising

   For companies offering products and services in

   the maritime industry.

   You can choose advert target

  •    Everyone
  •    Job seekers
  •    Companies

  *The advert will be displayed only for that target who you choose.




Opportunities for banner placement



Banner size 200X200 on the right side.

Banner size 200X100 on the right side.


Banner size 170X100 at the content foother.







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