Terms and Conditions


Web page WWW.CREWING24.COM (in further text referred to as CREWING 24, ownd by TIMPC Ltd) is for all marine industries Employees and Job Seekers wanting to find contacts for desired employment, candidates, marketing promotions and giving information about maritime industry.

The site is a collection of internet tools intended for Maritime Recruiters and Marine Workers. Companies can look through resumes, post job vacancies. Marine Employees can apply for job vacancies and create an interactive resume. CREWING24 reserves the author’s rights over all information published on the site, unless otherwise stated.

CREWING24 does not act as an agent for Marine Workers and is not an intermediary in employing Marine Workers.

CREWING24 does not guarantee the accuracy of details in the resumes, advertisements of vacancies and ships database, nor is it in any case responsible for consequences of any actions that generated on the basis of the information published on the site. CREWING24 reserves the right to erase texts or photographs of unacceptable content.

CREWING24 can in their database of information keep private information about the user, as long as their possession is necessary for the quality work of the site. The use of this information is regulated under the section Data Privacy.

The details in the database of information on CREWING24 are protected under of Law of Author’s Rights. Information can be used only in accordance of terms of use emphasized on CREWING24. Using information in any other way (copying, distributing etc) without the authorization of CREWING24 acts against the Law of Authors Rights and therefore is eligible to law sanctions.

CREWING 24 reserves the right to only use the information of the given users during the registration to send e-mail notices. If you do not wish to receive e-mail notices or newsletters, please unsubscribe to this service by following the directions contained within the newsletter/notice and you will be taken off the recipient list.

By using the web site CREWING24.COM (content, services and other that is found under the title section www.crewing24.com) you are accepting the terms of use. Certain services found within the pages of CREWING24 can have their own terms of use. Unless it is otherwise stated General terms of use apply.

Terms of use are subject to change without previous notification. The users have accepted to from time to time check the content of these terms of use in order to be informed of changes. Further use of CREWING24 web pages after the changes of term of use, means that you have accepted the changes and new terms.

The general contractual conditions of use of the sites belonging to the company CREWING24 are available in several languages. However, in the case of unforeseen circumstances, the version with the general contractual conditions in English will be the only one valid on a legal level and will be used, in case of disputes, in the national and international courts of justice.

By using CREWING24 services, you maintain and guarantee affidavit that:

  • You have ensured that you are not breaking any law or regulation in force in your country of residence or country of connection.
  • All the information regarding your registration is accurate.
  • You will endeavour to update regularly your personal information on the site.
  • You will not create more that one account on the site.
  • You will not disclose your password to anyone else.

We appreciate the loyalty of our clients and your comments about our services and the site CREWING24.COM are welcome but we do not have any financial obligation towards you if we take notice of your advice in order to improve our products and services. 

Modification of the Conditions of Use

CREWING24 can modify the present Conditions of Use any time by updating the present pages without previously consulting its members. This will be done in order to remain up to date with changes in the industry or law. This modification will take effect when it is published by us on the site, and your uninterrupted use of our services means that you accept the changes brought to the present General Conditions of Use.

Your use of the site will be ruled by the latest version, meaning the most recent one, of the general conditions of use posted online through our care and consideration at the moment when you are using the site. We advise you to visit the pages periodically in order to keep up to date with the conditions of use in force. Should you not agree with this modification, you have the right to cancel your inscription on the site at any moment. 

Duration and termination

These General Conditions of Use will take effect on your first visit of the site and remain in force for as long as your registration is active or for as long as you visit the site. You can terminate your account with CREWING24.COM at any moment for any reason you might have.

We will close any account of any user and we will block the access to any user who violates the present General Conditions of Use. We reserve the right to take these actions at any moment, in our own discretion, with or without warning, and without any responsibility or compensations from our part regarding the holder of the cancelled or at that time defunct account or regarding the user whose access to the site is blocked. We will equally close any account having supplied false information and any account that has been the target of complaints.

We reserve the right to suspend the services that are provided to you. In this case, we demand the immediate payment of the amounts that are due to us including any legal fees. We cannot guarantee that the services of our platform which are free of charge at present will remain the same in the future. 


We remind you of the importance of never disclosing, for any reason, your personal information such as address, telephone number, bank details or any other information over the Internet that could cause you damage. You agree not to use at any moment the account, the user name or the password of another member and to disclose your password to anyone else. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your own personal password that you use in order to access our services and you accept to take responsibility for all the acts committed with this password.

You agree to warn the administration of CREWING24.COM as soon as you suspect a non authorized use of your account or that someone has accessed using your password. We reserve the right to change the issued passwords periodically.

We can equally, and at any moment, analyze the content of your publications and all the data in your account in order to insure the security of the other users and to conform to the services intended for the Employers’ use. 

Illegal activities and forbidden contents

Here is an expansive but not exhaustive list of the type of member content that is illegal or forbidden for publication on the site:

  • Documents with xenophobic, violent, shocking or extreme subject matter that encourages hate or violent behaviour.
  • duplicate advertisements or publish fake advertisements
  • multiple available positions of employment in the same advertisement
  • use of our mark and logo without our prior permission
  • abusive material
  • publishes links to adult websites or any other link with no connection to the hospitality and catering field
  • nudity or sexual activity
  • Material that could be seen to be paedophilic. The full member details of any such guilty member would be immediately passed on to the police.
  • requests for personal information about another user for commercial or illegal use
  • false or misleading information
  • incitement of illegal activities, abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, and slanderous behaviour
  • offers of illegally copied documents protected by the author rights
  • spam mail
  • invasive material that affects the privacy of any individual
  • damaging or defamatory remarks about another person, member of the site or not.
  • distribution of viruses or other similar malicious viral programming
  • requests for information concerning race, religion, political views, age, health, physical appearance, sexual and moral orientation
  • the proposition or publishing of activities for profit-making purposes without our consent
  • the publishing of an image of another person without his/her consent
  • encouragement of the consumption of alcoholic beverages without specifying age restrictions that apply for that particular beverage
  • breach the security or integrity of any State or territory
  • the planning of criminal or detrimental activities such as child pornography, fraud, obscene material ---, the abuse of drugs, and gambling
  • the posting of advertisements for jobs in any other sector of employment other than hospitality, catering and tourism on our employment portal
  • concealment of banners ads on any page of our site
  • any kind of propaganda
  • official documents or financial data concerning another person
  • misuse of a system in order to add friends or send comments or messages
  • disruption of our networks and services
  • the retention of data related to a user that has cancelled his/her account or has terminated the contract that was binding you
  • activity that usurps the identity of another member
  • creation of a false identity to mislead people or institutions
  • use our site in a country that is under embargo or is on the blacklist
  • use the CV collection for commercial purposes or to collect information
  • knowingly permitting another person to use your account
  • activity that contravenes law regarding child protection
  • the sending of private messages for a commercial reason

use of the services of the site in a manner that is not compatible with the laws and regulations in force in your country of connection.
TIMPC Ltd reserves the right to hold an enquiry and to take legal proceedings against anyone who violates these clauses and especially to remove the offending elements of the site and to terminate the subscriptions of the offenders. 


The use of the services is also governed by the laws applicable in the area of judicial procedures. Our code of confidentiality is integral part of the present General Conditions of Use. The below section regarding confidentiality is intended to inform you about the information that is needed and how it is protected in order to respect the privacy of members.

The Employees, agents and partners of CREWING24 can have access to personal information that concerns you but only if their activity requires it. CREWING24 can thus share your information with the individuals assisting it in the management and provision of different services like the processing of commands, the statistical analysis and also data processing. It can also share your information with partners, agents and sponsors that assist the company in the administration, with respect to its commercial services CREWING24 can use and communicate your names, surnames, emails and addresses, telephone numbers and any other element necessary to your identification within the limits the law. The latter can temporarily stock certain information on the servers, but they cannot use this data for any other reason than the one previously authorized by our company. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the information that you transmit to us via the site CREWING24.COM. You also need to remember that the information presented on your user profile as well as the information published in the community part of the site can be accessed by the public. We cannot guarantee that the people who have consulted your CV in our database have not kept a copy of it on their computer. We could not, under any circumstance, be held responsible for the possession and use of your CV without your knowing. 

Data protection & SPAM

We gather the personal and demographic data that you choose to provide to us. We also collect the Internet Protocol address of your computer in our database. This number is automatically saved in our system and automatically identifies your access provider. This information helps us to diagnose our site and our servers and to solve the possible problems as efficiently as possible.

You can, at any moment, consult, correct or delete your personal data. In order to do that, all you have to do is to connect to your account and go to the settings menu. CREWING24 does not save data about any deleted profile.

Moreover, we use the cookies in your computer in order to improve the management and use of the services of CREWING24.COM, to facilitate your navigation on the site. A cookie does not allow us to identify you; by way of contrast, it registers information related to your navigation on our website (the pages you have visited, the date and the time you were on the site etc.) that we will be able to read after you next visit our website. This information is saved on your computer for 30 days. The cookies and the Internet Protocol (IP) are a common practice on the web and are automatically generated by many sites on the web. The information that you publish in the public areas of the site or in the CV collection can be accessed, used and saved by third parties anywhere in the world. We try to provide a safe and secure environment by trying to limit the access to our database only to legitimate users (recruiters, employers, head-hunters, and other recruitment companies) but we cannot guarantee that unauthorized will not have access to the site. We can also communicate or sell identification data of our members if our company or a part of it is sold or purchased by another company in the frame of a commercial transaction, or if it is in compulsory liquidation or bankruptcy.

If you'd rather not receive notification and newsletter emails from CREWING24, you can unsubscribe immediately. To resubscribe or change other CREWING24 email preferences, visit your account settings to manage all your email subscription or send us e-mail to info@crewing24.com.

CREWING24 is committed to take strong action to prevent against spam and thanks clients who write to us at info@crewing24.com paying particular attention to not confuse spam and advertisements from a body that has regularly collected your information and has informed you how that information was going to be used. 


The Forum indicates the space for discussion put at the disposal of the users of our site by CREWING24.COM. It allows interactive exchanges keeping within the profession and the discussion on a subject given or chosen by one of the users. Each user can then read in real time the comments and replies from all the other users, without distinction between people looking for work or professionals, and can bring his/her own contribution as live comments/answers.

By approving these general conditions of use, you confirm and guarantee that all the messages you send via our website will not contain any personal information of any kind (name, telephone number, address, email, membership of any groups or clubs…)

You should not overload the message with unnecessary information or opinions that will make the discussion topics steer away or to criticize the pertinence of a discussion topic as we remind you that the area is for relevant discussion.

You have the right to post links to Internet sites or blogs, personal sites, and links to Youtube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Facebook, etc. in the forum with the exception of sites that infringe our general conditions of use or propose direct access to a competitor site. The avatars or personal presentation photos are accepted on the condition that they are not shocking from any point of view.

You agree not to infringe any of the author rights or the working licenses on our Questions-Answers such as the one regarding the integrity of our site. You also agree not to post messages with fraudulent, pirated or counterfeited content. Sanctions can be applied in a case when a member does not respect the site conditions of use. This, according to the gravity of the offence can lead to the member’s indefinite exclusion from all the services of the site CREWING24.COM. 



These terms of use for maritime companies – employers are in addition to the general terms of use of CREWING24.COM

Our registered companies can choose their advertising campaigns and other CREWING24 services. Prices of these services can be found under Accounting.

Companies with branch offices in different geographical regions need to create special user accounts for each branch.

Companies are responsible to remove any advertisement for a job vacancy that has since been filled. In case Company cannot make the change directly on the site, Company are responsible to inform us as soon as possible so we can proceed with the removal of Companies advertisement.

We reserve the right to suspend or limit access to the CV collection on the site if we suspect any abuse. As an immediate consequence your profile will be completely removed and you will lose any credits you might have.

You accept to abide by the Work Regulations regarding the process of recruitment and in making decisions regarding work, especially the rules adjoining discrimination and by the Work Regulations in the country of connection.

By accepting to abide by the present General Conditions of Use, you acknowledge that your use of our services and the site does not imply any transfer in your favour of the rights of intellectual property or the know-how that our company possesses, especially all rights related to trademark, graphics, design, logos, patents, audiovisual work available on the site that are protected by property right in accordance with the international agreements and remain the exclusive property of CREWING24.


The user is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of published information and for the security of personal registration details.

User details for accessing the user part of the website are given only to one user and cannot be given to any individual or organisation without the approval of CREWING24.

CREWING24 reserves the right to erase texts of unacceptable, offensive or discriminating content in accordance with the momentarily valid regulations of Republic of Estonia. If the employer does not respect the regulations, and especially rules of Law of labour/Work, CREWING24 reserves the right to not publish the advert of this Employer.

Registered companies can post adverts of job vacancies, later change them, search through the shortened resumes, promote themselves through the database of company profiles and banners and use other services at disposal.

The user accepts not to include in their advertisement any logo or mark other than that of your own business.

By proceeding, the companies, that register to CREWING24.COM will agree in the following: 

1. Under the terms and conditions set forth in this Terms & Privacy (hereinafter referred to as “Agreement”), the Service Provider (CREWING24.COM owned by TIMPC Ltd.) hereby grants the Client (Company registering) the right to:

1.1.1. use the solutions provided by the job portal CREWING24.COM.

1.2. The use of the portal CREWING24.COM lies in the employment of the solutions provided by the webpage to advertise the Client or to recruit employees/trainees. 
1.3. According to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the right of the ownership of CREWING24.COM, as well as the design solutions, trademarks, software solutions and other intellectual property rights in relation to it, will not transfer to the Client.

2. Terms of Usage

2.1. The access granted with this Agreement is effective from the moment signed up and confirmed by CREWING24 and lasts until the Client and Service provider have not agreed differently.
2.2. On the basis of the Terms of Usage, the territory of use the portal CREWING24.COM, is not restricted. The Usage does not have spatial restrictions; it is valid worldwide and on the Internet. 
2.4. The Client may not transfer the rights arising from this Agreement to any third parties.

3. Rights of Usage
3.1. The Client has the right to:
• Have access to CREWING24 portal www.crewing24.com to use the solutions to a necessary extent.

4. Confirmations and Obligations of the Client
4.1. The Client is obligated to:
• Compensate for all literally certified direct damage that CREWING24 has developed as the result of the Clients violation of the terms set forth in this Agreement;
• Ensure the confidentiality of the data of CREWING24, whereas the Client has the right to inform the public about the client relationship with CREWING24 if the Parties have not agreed differently.
4.2. The Client is obligated to post only valid vacancies on CRWING24.COM Job Board.

5. Rights of the Service Provider
5.1. The Service Provider has the right to:
• Edit or make a suggestion to the Client if the posted vacancies are not according to this terms & Privacy document.

6. Obligations of the Service Provider
6.1. The Service Provider is obligated to: 
• Ensure the confidentiality of the Client’s data, whereas the Service Provider has the right to inform the public of the client relationship with the Client if the Parties have not agreed differently;
• Ensure that the representative of the Client will be informed of the functional changes made to the website;

7. Warranty
7.1. The Service Provider does not warranty:
• The website’s work and conformity with all hardware and software configurations;
• Compensation for the possible indirect or direct damage resulting from the use of the program;
• Free execution of the enhancements made to the website at the request of the Client.

8. Force Majeure
8.1. The failure to perform the duties set forth in this Agreement at all, or not as required, will not be considered a breach of contract if the failure was due to circumstances that the Parties could not have influenced and could not and should not have foreseen or prevented. Such circumstances have to be certified and regardless of the previously mentioned unforeseeable circumstances, the Parties are obligated to take measures to reduce the possible damage. In the event of the preventing circumstance being temporary, the violation of the duty is excusable only during the time the circumstance prevented the execution of the duty.

9. Confidentiality
9.1. The Parties agree to maintain and keep the confidential information and documentation received from the other Party in confidence. In the event of a Party violating this rule of confidentiality, the Party at fault is obligated to compensate the aggrieved Party for the damage caused by the violation. The Parties are obligated to maintain and keep all data of the other Party that they have learned during the execution of this Agreement in confidence during the term of this Agreement as well as for an unspecified term after the termination of this Agreement.
9.2. The parties agree to ensure that their representative(s), employees, contract partners, and all other persons they use for the execution of this Agreement are aware of the rules of confidentiality set forth in this Agreement and demand from them the unconditional execution of these rules for an unspecified term.

10. Forwarding Notices
10.1. Notices are generally forwarded via telephone, e-mail or mail. Should the forwarding of a notice have significant legal effects, the notices forwarded to the other Party have to be in a format that can be reproduced in writing. 
10.2. Notices related to this Policy will be forwarded to info@crewing24com
10.3. Each Party is obligated to immediately inform the other Party about changes in its contact information.

11. Jurisdiction
11.1. The disputes arising from this Agreement will be settled in the court of the Service Provider’s country of location.

12. Termination of the Account and Agreement
12.1. The Account and Agreement can be terminated by sending an e-mail to info@crewing24.com,  where stated the intention about deleting the account. 



These terms of use for seafarers-employees are an addition to the General Terms of Use of CREWING24.

Searching through the database of available jobs and posting their resumes on CREWING24 is completely free of charge. CREWING24 does not guarantee the accuracy of the details in job adverts posted by the maritime companies.

Unregistered users can search through job adverts. Registered users can search through job adverts, post their resumes, later change them, apply for advertised positions and use other advanced functions. Seafarers don’t have to in the resume or other places, post all personal details, but some details are obligatory at registration and without them registration is impossible.


For the registered user the services of CREWING24 are completely free of charge.

Your successful registration and membership depend on adhering to the following terms:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age during the registration at CREWING24
  • You must agree to use the web site according to law
  • You must agree to not post any information on the web site that would in any way harm the rights or privacy of others
  • You must use the website only for personal, and not commercial needs

Your resume

By creating an interactive resume on our website you are authorizing CREWING24 a  international, free, uninterrupted and non-exclusive right and license to use and publish this information to potential maritime companies-employers registered at CREWING24 web pages.

These rules are subject to change and therefore the valid version is the one currently posted on the pages of www.crewing24.com



These terms of use for Ships database are in addition to the general terms of use of CREWING24.

CREWING24's Ships database provides information about ships and an online pictures gallery for seafarers, ship photographers and all other registered users interested in ships.

Uploading Photos

To ensure the quality of CREWING24 Ship database, following rules for photo upload apply. By uploading photos at CREWING24 you also agree to the terms and conditions posted in our Copyright Policy.

  • Image size (resolution must be between 800 x 600 pixels and 3000 x 3000 pixels)
  • File size maximum is 2000 KB
  • Photos must be sharp and correctly exposed

When uploading, members must agree with copyright law. Upload only photographs for which you have copyright ownership. Other people's slides or negatives can only be used if their name and permission is stated in the description.

Any member uploading photos or images in breech of copyright will have their membership cancelled.

We reserve the right to remove unsuitable material without notice.

CREWING24 respects the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of others and requests that the people who use its services do the same. Although every effort has been made to ensure that material submitted to Website are photographed and copyright protected by the person uploading the material, CREWING24 and any affiliate will assume no responsibility that the information is correct.

Any material protected by copyright may not be placed on the Site without the express permission of the author or owner of the copyright on that material.

If CREWING24 becomes aware of the presence of the materials that violate copyright on its server, CREWING24 will:

1. Promptly take down or block access to the allegedly copyright violating material; and
2. Contact the Member responsible for the uploaded photo(s) and alert him or her of the allegations of violating copyright and of CREWING24’s removal or blocking of the allegedly copyright violating material.

If Member believes that the removal or blocking of his or her material was a result of a mistake or a misidentification of the material, Member shall provide CREWING24 a counter notification establishing the Member's rights to display the material in question, as well as any other information CREWING24 shall request. Upon receipt, CREWING24 will promptly forward the counter-notification to the party that claims to be the copyright owner. If that party then does not file suit to enjoin the alleged violation, CREWING24 will re-post or unblock the material within 10-20 business days.

CREWING24 reserves the right to use uploaded photos on its own page or to make available links to uploaded photos for other websites or applications to incorporate as part of their service.



CREWING24 acts as an intermediate between trainer and users of CREWING24 in order to provide our users with the possibility to search and book training courses from Training Providers online. Our service is based on information provided by Training Centres. Even though, we do our best to ensure that all information provided on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee that all information is comprehensive and free of errors, nor can we be held responsible for interruptions or non-delivery of information.

After booking the training through our website, we immediately send the booking confirmation with training details to you and to the Training Provider with all the conditions stated in the training booking  page for that particular date and time.  Browsing and booking training courses at CREWING24.COM is without fee for Job Seekers and Recruiters both. The payment should be done directly to Training Provider according to Training Centre terms and conditions.

When you make the booking, you will not enter automatically into an agreement with the Training Provider you have chosen.  After you have made the booking, the Training Provider will contact with You as soon as possible.  if the invoice will be paid your will be registered to a training course with all the conditions stated in the training booking  page for that particular date and time.



Training booking will be refunded according to the terms and conditions of Training Centre.



On our web page CREWING24.COM for crewing employment you can perform an online payment of our services using invoice.

By the Estonian VAT Act, KMS § 10 lg 1, lg 4 p 9m, KMS § 15 lg 4 p 1 all non-Estonian customers are exempted of Estonian taxes (except for VAT non-payer).

Payment and activation period:

All services that are selected, and payment is done by invoice, will be activated after the money transfer.

All payments will be effected in euros.

Services will be activated and accessible as soon as possible within 48 hours. Next data can be used to complete the payment:

Bank name: AS SEB Pank 

Bank address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn


IBAN: EE641010220219036224


For Reference no. enter the order number that will be displayed after service selection.

Payment confirmations please send to email info@crewing24.com so that we can activate the services as soon as possible.

You will receive the invoice for activated services upon your payment electronically within 48 hours.

Statement of protection and collecting private data:

CREWING24 is obligated to protect the private data of all customers, in that way that collects only the necessary data that are essential to perform our services. CREWING24 gives the possibility to the customers if their data should be removed for marketing activities. All customer private data are kept safe and are accessible only to CREWING24 Employees to perform their duties. All CREWING24 Employees and their business partners are responsible to respect the privacy terms.

If you notice any Copyright violation, untruthful content or any other mistake don't hesitate to contact us at info@crewing24.com