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LLC “Bulkship Management Kaliningrad”, our in house crewing company, provides the high...

Member since: 19 August 2014


UNI-TANKERS A/S is a professional and well-established company. Through our nearly 20 year...

Member since: 26 August 2014

Dee Vee Ship Management

Providing Crewing solutions to Ship Owners/Managers. Our Office team, comprising of young...

Member since: 28 August 2014

sunvilla shipping maritime ...

We are an ISO certified company since 2010. Our well qualified team always work for crew m...

Member since: 31 August 2014

Star marine


marine HR company finding crew for the Greek shipping industry vessels involved : bulk ca...

Member since: 11 September 2014


German Tanker Shipping GmbH & Co. KG is a ship-owning company founded in 1998 in Bremen. ...

Member since: 11 September 2014

Latvian Shipping Company

Latvian Shipping Company (LSC) is a joint stock company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Riga and ...

Member since: 24 July 2014


Minerva operates a young fleet ranging from MRs to VLCCs in the tanker segment and Capesiz...

Member since: 28 July 2014


Welcome to the website of "Kustvaart Harlingen BV". Hereby we like to introduce ourself, a...

Member since: 01 August 2014

Monsieur Alfred

Monsieur Alfred is a private concierge from Cannes specialized in yachting wich aims to pr...

Member since: 04 August 2014


Calm seas Shipping services provides various services to the shipping Industry. We compris...

Member since: 05 August 2014


TIDEMARINE LLC is positioned as a reputable Wide Marine Sector Foundation reinforced with ...

Member since: 14 September 2014


Total Ship Management Service

Member since: 15 September 2014


Maritime Security Advisor Company

Member since: 16 September 2014

West line Ship Management P...

West Line Ship management Pvt Ltd Is a manning Company Based In India Working In this Indu...

Member since: 18 September 2014

MF Shipping

MF Shipping Group is a service-oriented organisation that facilitates all aspects of the m...

Member since: 22 September 2014

OSM Crew Management

The OSM Maritime Group is a provider of high quality offshore and ship management services...

Member since: 22 September 2014


Emarat Maritime is a dynamic shipping company with a multinational team of skilled profess...

Member since: 06 August 2014