DP Advanced/Simulation
Svendborg, Denmark
Maersk Training Svendborg

Dynamic Positioning (DP) Advanced/Simulation
4 day version

PURPOSE To give the student knowledge of the practical aspects of DP operations. He/she should be capable of planning and conducting any DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and assessment of vessel capability. He/she should also be able to recognise conditions which will cause degraded operational status or emergency status, and alarms and warnings associated with worst case failure.

The training is as outlined by the Nautical Institute Scheme of Training.
The Simulator course principally involves simulated DP operations allowing the participants to apply the lessons learned in both the Induction course and the subsequent DP sea time days. It covers the following topics:
 Practical operation of the DP system
 DP operations
 DP alarms, warnings and emergency procedures

 By use of simulator equipment, demonstrate ability to set up and operate DP system,
including special functions as Auto track, follow target, minimum power heading mode,
sensors and associated Position reference systems.
 Demonstrate ability to carry out a DP operation. This includes planning using all relevant
information, contingency planning, worksite approach, use of checklists, communication, DP
watch schedule, DP hand over and DP log book requirements.
 Ability to describe the limitations of the DP systems during operations in shallow and deep
 Ability to recognise conditions that will cause degraded or emergency status, and recognise
warning and alarms associated with Worst Case Failure.
 Demonstrate correct behaviour in connection with failures and take appropriate action to
stabilize the vessels position after a failure.

The DP Simulator Course has a three part assessment process.
 Practical assessment, according to DP set up practical assessment skills table
 Online multiple choice exam. 20 Questions and minimum 14 correct answers to pass.
 Feedback is given to students throughout the course, based on their performance during
simulator exercises.

Attendance on an approved Dynamic Positioning induction course and a passed NI online examination followed by the following DP Sea time days:
DPO training started AFTER 1st of January 2015: Min. 60 days and completion of ALL task sections, which must be signed by vessel master.
DPO training started BEFORE 1st of January 2015: Min. 30 days and completion of relevant task sections, which must be signed by vessel master.
Logbook must be presented on the first day of the course as proof.
Re. STCW Regulation requirements please refer to the “DP Training Certification scheme – 2015” section 2. page 7 on the NI website

4 days

Maximum 4 Students per instructor & simulator

Course material is in English. Course can be conducted in English or Danish