The Operational Use of ECDIS Systems (Generic)
, 40Hours
Schnackenburgallee 149, 22525 Hamburg, GERMANY
MTC Marine Training Center Hamburg GmbH


  • Legal aspects and requirements
  • Principal types of electronic charts
  • ECDIS data
  • Presentation of ECDIS data
  • Sensors
  • Basic navigational functions and settings
  • Specific functions for route planning
  • Specific functions for route monitoring
  • Updating
  • Display and function of other navigational information
  • Errors in displayed datas
  • Errors of interpretation
  • Status indications, indicators and alarms
  • Documentation
  • Integrity monitoring
  • Back-up
  • Risk of over-reliance of ECDIS

BSH (German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency) certified

Entry standards
Officers in charge of a navigational watch, nautical officers in charge of the management level, pilots.