, 5Hours
South Africa
Atlantic Yachting
Modules included:
STCW 95 – 9 Days Cape Town (Compulsory requirement for the industry)
  • Elementary First Aid at Sea
  • Marine Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility with Personal Survival Techniques
  • Pre Sea Familiarisation


STEWARDESS TRAINING – 5 Days – Gordon’s Bay

  • The Super Yachting Industry – an Introduction
  • Laundry, Stewardess Schedule and Cleaning
  • Silver Service and Flower Arranging
  • Other Services, wine appreciation, bartending & cocktails
  • Crew C.V, Crew Salaries
  • Crew Agencies, Crew Accommodation
  • Dock Walking, Day Working
  • Seasons
  • Set up Offshore Bank accounts before you head overseas
  • Deliveries
  • Boat Etiquette
  • Nautical Terminology


Competent Crew - 5 Days - Langebaan

  • This course introduces the complete beginner to cruising and teaches personal safety, seamanship and helmsmanship to the level required to be a useful member of the crew of a cruising yacht.
  • Knowledge of sea terms and parts of a boat, her rigging and sails
  • Sail Handling
  • Rope work
  • Fire Precautions and fighting
  • Personal Safety equipment
  • Man overboard
  • Emergency equipment
  • Manners and customs
  • Rules of the road
  • Meteorology
  • Seasickness
  • Helmsmanship and sailing
  • General Duties


RYA POWER BOAT LEVEL II – 2 Days - Langebaan

  • Theory
  • Practical


RYA VHF – 1 day – Langebaan


Marine communications have been revolutionised by the Introduction of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS). Designed by the International Maritime Organisation and supported by the International Telecommunication Union, it ensures that ships anywhere in the world can communicate with an onshore Rescue Co – ordination Centre by two independent means, without the need for specialist radio operator.


  • Licensing
  • Management of the Maritime Mobile Band
  • Marine VHF & Digital Selective Calling Equipment
  • Navtex
  • Emergency Radio Equipment
  • Using the Radio
  • Distress Procedures
  • Urgency, Safety and Coastguard Liaison
  • Maritime Safety Information Broadcasts (MSI)
  • The Phonetic Alphabet
  • Distress Procedure Cards
  • VHF Frequencies
  • Extracts from Maritime Guidance Notes

 PS. The price of the training excluding exam fees + accommodation for 13 days