Operational use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
Latvia, Riga

A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to use ECDIS for his navigational watch. Those who successfully complete this course should be able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge, skill and understanding of ECDIS navigation and electronic charts to undertake the duties of a navigational watch officer defined by STCW Code, as amended.The program meets the latest requirements of STCW Convention and IMO Model Course 1.27 “The operational use of electronic chart display and information systems”.

Course contents:

• Introduction: Legal aspects and requirements
• Use of ECDIS advantages
• Correct and incorrect use of ECDIS
• Familiarization with ECDIS system
• Positioning
• Basic ECDIS navigation
• ECDIS data
• Chart layout
• Sensors and data feed
• Selection of charts
• Chart settings
• Chart layers
• System alarms ECDIS Training Course
• Safety alarms
• Route planning techniques
• Checking and setting the route
• Route monitoring
• Voyage planning
• Radar overlay and AIS information
• Ordering and updating charts
• Data management
• Back-up
• Responsibility
• Use of ECDIS for safe navigation

Dates: Every Tuesday/4days

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