Bridge resource management (including: Leadership and managerial skill)
Latvia, Riga

On completion of the course the learner/trainee should be able to demonstrate sufficient understanding and knowledge of bridge resource management and leadership and teamworking and have the relevant skills to competently carry out the duties of officer in charge of a navigational watch.The program meets the latest requirements of STCW Convention and IMO Model Course 7.01 “Master and Chief mate” Competence 3.5 “Use of leadership and managerial skills” and Model Course 7.03 “Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch” Competences 1.2 “Maintain a safe navigational watch” (part: Bridge Resource Management) and 3.7 “Application of leadership and teamworking skills”, as well as Model course “Leadership and Teamwork”.

The Bridge Team and Resource Management training course covers the following topics:
Bridge Resource Management(incl.leadership andmanagerial skills)

• Practical planning and carrying out a voyage
• Bridge team duties, responsibilities, teamwork
• Communications• Challenge and response
• Use of authority and assertiveness
• The Bridge Team and Pilot
• Leadership and Managerial skills
• Involvement of human in error chain
• Working knowledge of shipboard personnel management and training
• Need for international maritime conventions, recommendations and national legislation
• Ability to apply task and workload management
• Knowledge and ability to apply effective resource management
• Knowledge and ability to apply decision-making techniques
• Self-awareness, personal and professional development

Dates: every Monday