Advanced training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations
Latvia, Riga

The Advanced Training for Liquefied Gas Tanker Cargo Operations covers the following topics:

Physical and chemical properties of liquefied gases;
International and national legislation affecting liquefied gas tankers;
Gas Carrier and Bulk Chemical Codes;
Liquefied gas tanker construction, systems and equipment;
Pump theory and characteristics. Cargo pump types;
Safety culture and safety management on tankers;
Gas measuring instruments. Operating principles, accuracy and limitations;
General stability concepts in relation to design factors. Free surface effect;
Cargo work responsibility onboard tankers;
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS);
Potential negative effects in case of violation of international and national legislation;
Personal safety on liquefied gas tankers. Safe working practice;
Liquefied Gas Tanker cargo operations;
Cargo measurement and cargo calculation;
Hazards associated with liquefied gas tanker operations. Hazard control;
Liquefied gas tankers emergency procedures;
Marine environment pollution prevention procedures;
Actions in case of collision and grounding. Liquefied gas spill. Respond to marine spills;
First-aid procedures on liquefied gas tankers;
Assessment and Discussion.